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Can you say epic update?

Are you ready for even more action-packed arcade action? Then get ready for Grand Chase Season 3!

Grand Chase, the world’s first real-time online fighting game, is taking your gaming to a whole new level with exciting new content. The key word here is FUN, and if you’re looking for some off-the-wall action and adventure online with your friends, then check out what’s Grand Chase has in store to give you just that!


Bermesiah, Ellia, Silver Land, Atum and Achemedia are placed as regions on two large continents. Xenia is placed as a separate island in the sky.


Brave the new worlds of the Marsh of the Blue Dragon, Primal Island, Plains of the Red Wyrm, Shrine of Entropy and the Forest of Life. The fight to destroy evil will take you across continents and beyond, with dangerous new dungeons to conquer, and new monsters to destroy! Dungeons now have bars and marks to show your progress!


Missions now will give more EXP depending on your level. If you are a low level and finished a Mission 3 or more levels higher, you will gain more EXP! Also, there are now 340+ Mission per Character! Dungeon raiding has never been this awesome!


The interface change are out of this world! From item drops inside crates, the Dice System for fair looting, EXP acquisition in the form of a blue light, GP farming in coins, Damage UI, Mission Progress Updates, Real Time Dungeon Rank, and the uber cool dramatic Boss finish!


Items are now ranked into Common (White), Rare (Blue), Epic (Yellow), Legendary (Purple). The higher the grade of the item, the higher the stats, sockets and properties it will have, the more IMBA you will be!

It’s time you get with the fun in the game voted as one of the Best Fighting Games of 2009!

See what’s got everyone talking with Grand Chase Season 3! Ibang level na ‘to!

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